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Datawrite is now one of the most widely recognised and respected brands in the field of optical media storage. Since its inception in 1992, Datawrite has managed to exceed the markets expectations by producing premium quality, affordable media.

Through the use of advanced production processes and the latest dyes, Datawrite remains at the forefront of data storage technology by continually adding to its product protfolio with ranges such as Titanium, Mach4, Scribbles.

The culmination of exceptional quality and a wide variety of products has given both the consumer and the professional the complete storage solution – a superb range of products at the right price.

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Codenamed ‘Titanium’ due to the strength of the advanced dye utilised, this range has rapidly become a vanguard in the optical media market.

The introduction of the DVD-R 8x in November 2004 has paved the way for an extensive range of optical media that encompasses quality, excellence and value for money.

From the tough titanium sandblast effect finish to the high-grade polycarbonate plastic used the Titanium range of optical media is guaranteed to be less than 0.00001% defective.

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Datasafe is the most dynamic optical disc company in the world, we are specialists in the supply of consumables for datastorage and replication. We supply high-quality products and our aim is to completely satisfy the needs of our clients. To reach this goal we focus on the diversity and quality of our products.

Datasafe manufacture Grade A quality media, and aim to make it compatible with as many software, hardware combinations as possible.

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Bulkpaq was established over 5 years ago and is today a leading brand in Digital Media throughout Europe. Bulkpaq has become one of the most widely recognised and respected names in the consumer electronic industry.

Bulkpaq specialises in optical storage media for data, images, audio and video. Its core products are Recordable Compact Discs and Digital Versatile Discs and Flash Memory . In addition to these, Bulkpaq offers a complimentary range of accessories including media storage and labelling products.

With this portfolio Bulkpaq meets the different needs of both the professional and home entertainment sectors, securing a strong position in these rapidly growing markets. Its clear product strategies, competitive pricing, highest technological standards and comprehensive service make Bulkpaq the partner of choice.

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Established in 2002 we have rapidly become the leading storage brand of choice in the highly competitive European market. With our AAA+ grade performance dyes we are on course to become a global leader in the optical storage market.

A complete optical solution provider with entries in CD, DVD and dual layer media markets we are a driving force for quality media. Our commitment this year to other aspects of the market including paper and disc storage sends a battle cry to the market that Ridisc does not rest on its laurels. Ridisc’s goal from the beginning including dye, packaging is AAA+ grade all the way there can be no better commitment to reliability.

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Since its arrival in 2004 Rivision media has quickly become one of the biggest contenders in the field of data storage technology. In fact the launch of the new DVD-R 8x printable has ensured that Rivision will continue to be a dominant member in the market. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the complete package when it comes to manufacturing, quality and price.

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Tuffdisc is a new brand of blank media that originates from the stables of tier one manufacturers in the Far East. Due to the fact that the writing speeds of dvd reach an upper limit of 16x, manufacturers are now having to rely on other features to promote their products. However, we feel that Tuff Disc has achieved this and much more.

Tuff Disc, as well as being based on a highly compatible dye, has the further advantage of being able to withstand any type of treatment thrown its way – from everyday wear and tear to the rough handling and damage caused by small children, or when taking data off-site. Our disc has been reprinted with a tough pebbledash finish producing a media surface that is 40 times more scratch resistant and 20 times more dust resistant than standard DVD media.

In addition, Tuff Disc also offers very good value for money when compared to premium branded media.

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